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Transformer rectifier control panel

It is a control board for rectifying transformer. It realizes DSP(digital signal process) which is for optimal response and process against events and given roles. It is easy to control with simple operation and supports multiple languages for understanding the functions.



01 Control panels have microprocessor with (microprocessor delete)Digital Signal Process (DSP) and they will respond to any events by optimizing.

02 NWL’s innovative T/R control panel is a powerful tool for clean-air management and compliance, offering comprehensive yet convenient, at a glance monitoring of Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP).

It uses a detachable “head” for readout and operator input. A single unit can access up to 90 transformer-rectifier controllers through a few simple keystrokes. Our T/R control panel’s head features: a dot-matrix display and tactile, push-button switches mounted in a small, rugged all-environment assembly. The unit can be handheld or panel-mounted. It has a life expectancy of 30 years under normal use.

03 Control panel’s characteristics

3-1) Touch Screen
3-2) Output all the PowerPlus’ action parameters
3-3) Intuitive design with help function
3-4) Crystal clear(LCD) display with auto-turn off backlight system
3-5) Continuous display on parameters
3-6) Simple remote control system: External Discrete/Network

3-7) Up to four extra control system: Hammer/Hopper/Fan/etc
3-8) Lan’s scalability: remote control with one key pad (Keypad, GDU)
3-9) Path tracker: check a trend
3-10) Detection on back corona & auto intermittent charge
3-11) Password protection
3-12) Various alarm system

04 Control guide on the unit

4-1) Auto detection & control system on spark and arc
4-2) Detection on back corona & auto intermittent charge (Energization)
4-3) Limited charge (charge delete) control according to a setting value (kV/mA)
4-4) Auto control according based on 2nd (secondary) current

4-5) High voltage control
4-6) Manual control system: Manually input PowerPlus’ Duty Cyc value
4-7) Remote control via external contact and network


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