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Rapper control panel

GDU provides information in time charts for easy reading and effective rapping device monitoring and control. One GDU control board can control up to 1024 rapping devices.



01 GRC (graphic Rapper Controller) Rapper Control Panel

The GRC will support up to 1024 devices on a single controller, eliminating the need for separate stand-alone controllers, reducing hardware costs and the time required for maintenance and system attention. The GRC also allows automatic program changes based on boiler load ranges, time of day, or remote input signals. Operators no longer have to worry about changes to program settings when the levels of a precipitator change.

02 GRC Features and Benefits

2-1) The GRC’s monitor screen (GDU) is a touchscreen, designed to facilitate time setting and control of the ESP’s wrapper group.

2-2) The GRC provides five external input which may be used to select one of the five available programs through the use of remote switches

2-3) A serial interface allows complete remote control of the system via a standard RS-485 data link.

2-4) All alarms information is quickly and easily accessible from in keypad(GDU).

2-5) The GRC’s R-scan feature will check and report the operating status of each rapper output within seconds.

2-6) Convenient, economical remote control-inputs for remote ON and remote OFF

2-7) The system also has the capability of providing for automatic, timer mode Power-Off Rapping (POR) as well as reduced-power rapping.

2-8) RIP/RAP provides the means of applying energy to the ESP collecting surface with consecutively increased energy levels. (2x/3x/4x/Norm)

2-9) All operating parameters, including alarm status, rapper activity and system set points are capable of being monitored and controlled through the Central System or PCAMS.

2-10) In order to prevent rappers within the same precipitator lane to fire together, anti-coincidence groups (ACG).

03 GRC Control of operation

3-1) One S-CPU which offers support for 1024 rappers 
Five programs by remote inputs 
Optimizing rapper control (ACG/POR)

3-4) Trouble Shooting (R-scan/Repeat) 
Rapper monitoring

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