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DC Power is a switch mode high voltage power supply. It has a three-phase voltage and a modular internal structure, and supplies high-frequency power to an electrostatic precipitator.

  • Minimized weight and footprint
  • HV Tank & power supply combined type
  • Lower energy consumption than DC type
  • High speed arc suppression control
  • Full Digital Control [ DSP ]
  • Real time monitoring
  • Various protect functions
  • Convenience for maintenance


Lightweight & downsizing

· Combine invertor module, output high voltage module and control module type

· Minimized external cable (link input, output, communication cable only)

ARC(Spark) Control Method

· Detect voltage increase (dv/dt)

· Suppress arc when the DC voltage over than setting value(over than setting peak voltage)

ARC(Spark) Control

· For maximized collecting dust, input max setting voltage

· When a arc occur, the output voltage can recover setting max voltage even DC voltage

· Set lower voltage duration, high voltage recovery type


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